Mystery at the Museum

National Maritime Museum | Halloween 2016

Mystery at the Museum was an immersive theatre experience delivered at the National Maritime Museum in collaboration with theatre company SPECIFIQ




Brokering a partnership with interactive theatre company SPECIFIQ, this technically complex production, required negotiating skills and the ability to deal with a broad range of individuals and organisations at all levels, balancing the Creative Directors artistic ambitions with practical considerations.

I ensured necessary approvals were sought and obtained at every stage of project planning, including approvals from the Health & Safety executive events for turning lights off, Visitor Experience for Fire Evacuation procedures, Collection managers and security for filming rights, and conservation for gallery guidelines. This ambitious project required visitors and Museum staff alike to step outside their comfort zone, and was completed on time, to budget, and, thanks to a ticketing deal I negotiated with Time Out, entirely sold out. I was invited to be part of a panel about immersive theatre as part of October 2017’s Relevance conference at Historic Royal Palaces.