Museum Oops

I created Museum Oops help Museum professionals to share their  and what they learned from them in a safe space.

Since April 2016, Museum Oops has taken me to Glasgow and Rotterdam. I wonder where it will take me next!

If you would like to book a session using the Museum Oops philosophy to help your staff develop their reflective practice, drop me a line 


“I asked Katherine to deliver an interactive session at Moving on Up 2018 (the Museums Association’s early careers conference) in Cardiff because I think the Museum Oops approach of acknowledging and learning from failure/mistakes is incredibly beneficial within a professional development context. Many people entering the sector lack confidence, so her honest approach really resonated with them. I found Katherine very efficient and pleasant to work with – she is open and accessible (again very important for early career professionals especially) and a confident presenter and workshop leader.”

Rebecca Atkinson, Museums Association


Moving On Up: Building a Dynamic Museum Career

February 2018 | Cardiff


Museum Next

June 2017 | Rotterdam


Museums Association Conference

November 2016 | Glasgow